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Company information

Our company’s philosophy contains all that characterize our present and future work. Global Broadcast Solutions Ltd’s central thought is to serve its partners’ needs with the tight relation of well-tried and dynamically developing units.

All tasks are realized by cooperating and experienced engineers whose harmonized job is controlled by a skilled and well prepared professional managerial team. Permanent further vocational training and quality control help our skilled and versatile colleagues’ work.

Global Broadcast Solutions’s activity (which spreads over the trade, development, planning, advising and system installation), commercial and professional result are due to the considering our partners’ needs and those problems which are reported by our contractors.

Our company's general presentations:

  1. Designing and executing of intelligent home and building’s controlling with AI / ML
  2. Studio technology (Streaming, TV, FM radio, wave - record)
  3. Developing target-specific electrical systems (industrial, commercial)
  4. Broadcasting networks, transfer systems (CATV, radio, microwave, optical modulation, internet connection)
  5. Developing private software (radio - controlling technology)
  6. DANTE AoIP system design
  7. AI and ML technologies in the audio broadcast industry (under DEV)
  8. HAILO AI Processor for Edge Devices (under DEV)
  9. Tensorflow

Our company contracts projects with two depots, with educated team-mates, lots of deliverers, everywhere in the country and outland. 90 % of our team is high-educated their work is controlled by a three-people leader group.

As we see, our partners need calm and stable work circumstances with possibilities and regards. We hope we can give you everything.

We are waiting for you among our partners to prove our confession.